To proclaim the Good News to the poor through
micro business and to rescue them from
poverty and injustice.

Our Story

On December 26, 2004 the largest earthquake ever recorded with a magnitude of 9.3 in the Indian Ocean triggered devastating tsunamis that claimed over 230,000 lives in a single day. Among the hardest hit was the island of Sri-Lanka, home to over 21 million people. An entire coast line was washed away leaving behind rubble where homes and business once stood. The devastation was so great many wondered how the people would ever recover. Humanitarian aid flooded from all corners of the world, not only from other nations and established NGOs but also from churches, other charities and individuals. In that effort, micro businesses were started giving survivors a chance to reclaim their lives. Small mud huts filled with beautiful products with eye catching color and creativity by local artisans studded the streets of devastated towns creating a most hopeful scene: beauty emerging from the ashes.

Over a decade later there is yet a greater injustice. The poor vendor continues to struggle to keep his lights on and doors open. This sense of justice for the poor led our founder to start a philanthropic venture that aims to change the reality of disadvantaged families. Our mission is to rescue lives from poverty and injustice. To accomplish this, our first vision point is to engage micro businesses in international free trade bringing their products into the global market and increasing demand for their home grown unique creations. Today, we have begun our work with two vendors. Our orders which they produced from their homes have proven to be providential for their families in an economy that is driven by tourism and seasonal business. We hope to create an ongoing business relationship to give them hope and self-worth as human beings created in the image of God, to create wealth and other jobs and promote sustainable living for their families and communities.

Our second vision point is to be a voice for the poor, to create awareness and raise funds for the various causes of the poor in Sri Lanka and other regions, particularly of women and children trapped in poverty and crime. Profits from the business are donated to the charity for the various causes of the poor. We regularly support ministries and organizations that partner with poor families to provide a safe and nurturing environment for their children to grow up in, taking care of all their basic needs and providing the best education available. You can read more about this work under Ministries – FootPrints. We want to be ready and prepared when natural disaster strikes their homes and villages, to be first responders when the call comes. In this way we hope to touch their lives in both the temporal and eternal, to redeem and create beauty from ashes of the lives we touch.

We are a U.S. based charity. All donations to our organization are tax deductible and earmarked for the cause of rescuing lives of the poor.

Our Story

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"To give them beauty for ashes...
That they might be called trees of righteousness,
the planting of the Lord."